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It is only with the continued support of educators, parents and the astronomy community that we will fulfil the goals of EU-UNAWE.

Carolina Ödman Govender, former UNAWE International Project Manager

Get involved


Educators and parents:

  • Educators can attend training workshops about teaching science to young children
  • Use the educational resources available on the EU-UNAWE website
  • Subscribe to Space Scoop for the latest astronomy news in child-friendly language by emailing news@unawe.org. And why not start a discussion group to analyse the latest Space Scoop with young children?
  • Register for the latest UNAWE and EU-UNAWE updates by sending an email to news@unawe.org with the subject line ‘Register to UNAWE mailing list’

 Professional and amateur astronomers:

  • Get in touch with science teachers in local schools and offer to give a talk or run an observing session

 Astronomy institutes:

  • If you want to become a UNAWE or EU-UNAWE partner, please email info@unawe.org
  • If you are interested in having your science press releases adapted and distributed as a Space Scoop news story, please email news@unawe.org

Members of the media:

  • Publishers are welcome to reprint Space Scoop releases, but please credit stories that are based on ESO press releases with the credit line 'ESO/EU-UNAWE'.
  • Media enquiries about UNAWE and EU-UNAWE are welcome and should be sent to news@unawe.org


If you have a fantastic idea for UNAWE or EU-UNAWE activities that aren’t currently listed on the website, then we would love to hear from you! Please send your ideas to info@unawe.org

If you would like to financially support the work of UNAWE or EU-UNAWE, please contact info@unawe.org

If you would like to request a printed EU-UNAWE brochure please contact info@unawe.org All of our brochures are also available to download